Cost to Patients

PARAGARD may cost $0 for insured patients under the Affordable Care Act1

This may mean:

  • no co-pay
  • coinsurance costs
  • no deductibles

It is important to check with each patient's health insurance plan to determine coverage.

Checking Patient Benefits

Our free PARAGARD Benefits VerificationSM service provides a detailed report of your patient's insurance coverage for PARAGARD. Learn more about PARAGARD Benefits VerificationSM.

Patient Self-pay

If your patient doesn't have insurance, or her insurance doesn't cover PARAGARD, she may choose to self-pay for PARAGARD through PARAGARD Patient Direct. Complete a Patient Authorization and Referral form to facilitate a patient self-pay, single unit purchase. Call 1-877-PARAGARD (option 3) for pricing and more information or click here.

Reference: 1. Health Resources and Services Administration. Women's preventative services guidelines: required health plan coverage guidelines. Accessed August 9, 2017.