Who might use PARAGARD?

Find out why PARAGARD may be appropriate for these women who live life on their terms*

The Planner*

"A new baby doesn't fit into my life plan, so I need birth control that works."

  • Champion planner; an unplanned pregnancy isn't her style
  • She's pretty sure her family is complete
  • Open to an IUD
  • Not looking to manage her cycle
  • Birth control used: fertility awareness-based methods, withdrawal

Her terms:

Highly effective birth control—interested in hormone-free options

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The Multitasker*

"I don't want added hormones in my food—or my birth control. I'm busy and don't want a method with a daily routine."

  • Tries to eat hormone-free food to fuel her super busy life
  • Interested in birth spacing
  • Open to an IUD, but interested in maintaining her period
  • Not looking to manage her cycle
  • Birth control used: oral contraception, but now wants to consider hormone-free options

Her terms:

Reversible, hormone-free contraception with no daily routine

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The Go-getter*

"I have goals in life and I don't want anything to get in my way. I want highly effective birth control that I can afford."

  • Always striving to better herself
  • Sexually active, and doesn't want kids any time soon
  • Concerned about having a device inserted into her body, may need counseling, interested in hormone-free options
  • Birth control used: hormonal oral contraception, condoms, withdrawal; history of hormonal emergency contraception use after birth control failure

Her terms:

Highly effective contraception that her healthcare professional recommends for her

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*Not actual patients. For illustrative purposes only.