PARAGARD is >99% Effective1

Percentage of women who will not become pregnant within 1 year (typical use)*

PARAGARD does not protect against HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections.

LNG-20-IUS=Ievonorgestrel 20 mcg/day intrauterine system.
*Among typical couples who initiate use of a method (not necessarily for the first time), the percentage who will not experience an accidental pregnancy during the first year if they do not stop use for any other reason.
With spermicide.
60% effective for parous women.
§Includes the Standard Days method, the TwoDay method, the Ovulation method, and the Symptothermal method.

Reference: 1. PARAGARD® T 380A [Prescribing Information]. Trumbull, CT. CooperSurgical, Inc.